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Deep Sea

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Release date:

8 January, 2020




The sea depth has always been luring people. You never know what’s hiding under the water surface and this is what scares and intrigues at once. Imagine yourself floating down in total darkness, tranquility, and zero-gravity in the cold uncertainty with the feeling of an endless abyss, altogether making your heart beat so fast that the blood pulsates in your temples. Fascinating how fragile human beings are, and how many worlds exist around us, right? We know that feel perfectly well as we have created the slot, meaning you don’t need to get wet to reveal the secrets of the big water, but you can fully get a sense of it. There will be no mermaids, sea gods or other fairy characters, instead, you will have a pleasure to meet extraordinary sea creatures living in a cave. If you’re brave enough to dive into the deep sea end and see what’s happening there with your own eyes and you’ve always dreamed about the adventures of well-known marine biologists, we’ve made your dream come true! If you are afraid - just dive in the bathtubs, but put on your headphones because at least our Deep Sea soundtrack will give you an atmosphere of serenity and calming effect. Dive into the amazing water world with us, meet its habitants and even find some treasures buried at the bottom.


  • The video slot has Wilds which can substitute any symbol on the reels (except Scatter) and Scatter – a Bonus symbol. 3,4,5 Scatters in any part of the display activate 10, 12, 15 Free Spins accordingly.
  • Also, the game has a bonus round where additional Wilds Appear. They are activated by collecting special symbol Angler Fish. The feature starts when the Counter-Collector reaches value 3. The feature adds 10 wild symbols on the reels in random order.

Sum up

Neon colours, lively gameplay and the ability to spark some major wins make our Deep Sea the unique slot game. We guarantee that you are in for a real treat. This is a game packed with features for maximum enjoyment and the potential for maximum returns.

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