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Sic Bo

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Release Date:

February 28, 2019

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The famous Chinese proverb says: Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. BGaming cares about the enjoyable pastime of players, so the die is cast: we played our ace and made the Sic Bo Macau version.

For a freshman, Sic Bo is an unpredictable Chinese game of chance, which includes throwing three dice and for the connoisseurs of table gaming, it offers the diversity of exciting betting options. Sic Bo is really widespread in Macau casinos and by some estimates the second most popular game after baccarat. A brief observation of “Sin City” - Macau: it’s the heart of gaming like Las Vegas, but people mostly visit it not for entertainment but for investment. Interesting fact for fans of “James Bond” film series, have you ever noticed, that in the film SkyFall the main character Mr. Bond played Sic Bo? The name of the casino was “Floating Dragon” allegedly based in Macau, although this is a fictional casino, we guess, it was inspired by a floating casino that existed for many years in Macau. Mr. Bond received some chips from the house and walked over to the Sic Bo table where he placed a few games.

In our Sic Bo, a random number generator and a virtual simulation of a playing table are used, all this preserves the essentials of the game and we’ve made our best to make Sic Bo the right copy of the brick-and-mortar game. Don’t have the opportunity to visit Macau with all its treasures? Don’t give up, BGaming is pleased to entertain you maximally. Patience pays more than anything else which means that you have to be prepared to depend on your fortune and dive deep into the authentic Macau casino room aura.

Sic Bo Macau Betting Combination

Type Wager Odds House Edge
Big The total score will be from 11 to 17 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple 1 to 1 2.78%
Small The total score will be from 4 to 10 (inclusive) with the exception of a triple 1 to 1 2.78%
Odd The total score will be an odd number with the exception of a triple 1 to 1 2.78%
Even The total score will be an even number with the exception of a triple 1 to 1 2.78%
Triple A specific number will appear on all three dice 150 to 1 30.1%
Double A specific number will appear on at least two of the three dice 8 to 1 33.3%
Any Triple Any of the triples will appear 24 to 1 30.6%
Total of 4 and 17 (a specific total score in the range of 4 to 17 inclusive) 4 or 17 50 to 1 29.2%
5 or 16 18 to 1 47.2%
6 or 15 14 to 1 30.6%
7 or 14 12 to 1 9.7%
8 or 13 8 to 1 12.5%
9 or 12 6 to 1 19%
10 or 11 6 to 1 12.5%
Domino:xy Two of the dice will show a specific combination of two different numbers for example, a 3 and a 4 5 to 1 16.7%
Any Number (Single Dice Bet) The specific number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 will appear on one, two, or all three dice 1: 1 to 1 7.9%
2: 2 to 1 7.9%
3: 3 to 1 7.9%
Four Number Combination wxyz Any three of the four numbers in one of the following specific combinations will appear:6, 5, 4, 3; 6, 5, 3, 2; 5, 4, 3, 2; or 4, 3, 2,1 7 to 1 11.1%
Three Single Number Combination xyz The dice will show a specific combination of three different numbers 30 to 1 13.9%
Specific Double and Single Number Combination xxy Two of the dice will show a specific double and the third die will show a specific, different number. For example 2-2-4. 50 to 1 29.2%

Sum up

We are sure that you will enjoy our “precious dice” as much as we do. We wish you the best of the luck in Sic Bo and let the win gods be with you!

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