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    What are dice games?

    Dice games, as one of the oldest in the world, have been popular for centuries! A traditional dice is a die with a number from 1 to 6 on each of its six faces, which is thrown to reveal a random number from one to six. There are a lot of variations of dice games so that any player can find a perfect one. For example, the goal of some dice games is to get the highest score by dropping 6-faced dice. At the same time, another one gives players the opportunity to win by guessing the score. 

    Unsurprisingly, dice games once appeared in casinos and finally became available online. Today reputable online casinos offer players most of the popular games such as Sic-Bo or Rocket Dice. Just like in online slots, the results of online dice games are determined by a random number generator. 

    BGaming’s various portfolio of online casino games includes the following online dice games: Rocket Dice, Sic-Bo and Sic-Bo Macao. Players can play demo versions of dice games for free. The link to the demo of the game is posted on the game’s page! To learn more about each title, read the description below. What will be your favourite dice game by BGaming? 

    Online dice games by BGaming

    Rocket Dice. The goal of the game is to guess if the roll of two dice will be higher or lower than that chosen number. The player makes a bet, chooses any number from 2 to 12 as well as chooses «over» or «under». Afterward two dice are rolled. 

    Sic-bo. Sic-Bo translated from Chinese means “dice pair”. The game originates in ancient China. Contrary to the name, the game uses three dice. The rules of the game are simple – you need to bet on a certain layout of the dice. After that, dice are rolled. If the result is predicted correctly, you win; if not, you lose.

    Sic-bo Macau is another version of the traditional Sic-bo dice game which was presented in Macao. Likely to its traditional version, the game involves three dice but it has slightly different rules and winning combinations.

    Play free online dice games by BGaming!