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If you’ve already had enough of traditional slots and want to diversify your gaming time, BGaming prepared something extraordinary and new for you!

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Very high
Gangsterz is a slot with the elements of Match-3 games. It is played by spinning the refilling reels. The win is achieved when 5 or more same symbols drop adjacent vertically or horizontally and form a cluster. Sounds simple, but it is only the tip of an iceberg! The game is cram-full of interesting and unusual features, it is not an exaggeration to say so. They add intrigue to the playing process and make it really captivating. Bright funny symbols and light rhythmic music create an entertaining atmosphere.

It is impossible to tell everything about Gangsterz in a couple of words. Enter and discover!
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Refilling Reels, Buy Bonus, Second Chance
Max Win
Very high


  • Refilling

    When winning combinations are formed and winning symbols disappear, the remaining symbols move down, and the empty spaces are filled with new symbols coming from above. Within one spin the process is repeated until no more winning combinations are formed.

  • Wild symbol

    Substitutes for any symbol. Is not affected by four additional features (Detonation, Reduction, Separation and Promotion).

  • Big Boss

    If 4 same symbols drop adjacent in the form of a square, they turn into a single big symbol 2x2. In case such a big symbol becomes a part of a winning combination, the win amount for it is doubled. During the Refill such a big symbol can be divided into 4 usual symbols. The feature does not apply to Wild symbols.

  • Backlit symbol

    After every spin randomly chosen same low symbols start shining. In case these shining symbols form a winning combination, they disappear, and 2 Wild symbols appear on their place. If more than one winning combination is formed in such a way, the rule applies to each combination. The transformation is made till the next spin, during refilling the shining symbols do not change.

  • Second Chance

    In every spin that did not result in a win the random number of symbols can turn into Wild symbols. In this case the win is recalculated. The feature can break Big Boss.

  • Progress Bar

    Every symbol that becomes a part of a winning combination adds 1 point to the progress bar. The progress bar counter initially contains 100 points, and it counts downwards, i.e. every winning symbol lowers the value of the counter. Every 25 symbols from the progress bar activate 1 additional feature. The first four additional features are **Detonation**, **Reduction**, **Separation** and **Promotion**. They are chosen randomly. When the number of symbols in the progress bar achieves 0, the additional **Safe** feature is activated.

  • Detonation

    From 3 to 6 symbols are turned into Wild symbols, and each of them destroys 4 symbols around it (above, below, right and left) without payment.

  • Reduction

    All the low symbols are destroyed without payment.

  • Separation

    A Wild symbol is created in the center of the field, and all the symbols along the diagonal of this symbol are turned into one and the same randomly chosen symbol.

  • Promotion

    A randomly chosen symbol turns itself and all its copies into the other same symbols.

  • Safe

    It is triggered when the number of symbols in the progress bar achieves 0. A Wild symbol 3x3 appears. In the second spin it is divided into 2 Wild symbols 2x2. In the third spin – into 9 individual Wild symbols. The winning Wild symbols disappear.

  • Buy Bonus

    A player can buy the Safe feature clicking on the Buy Bonus button. The next spin after the purchase triggers the feature.

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