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Maneki 88 Gold

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BGaming is happy to announce the most luck-attracting slot you have ever seen – Maneki 88 Gold! And that’s all because the main hero of the game is Maneki Neko – the famous Japanese talisman for luck.

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The slot will bring you to the enchanting world of the East! Magnificent lotus flowers, charming music, magic allure of Asian symbolics… Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? All this you will find in the slot!

The features of the slot are in harmony with the whole atmosphere. The symbols can become golden and pay more than their standard versions, special Wild symbols with coins will pave your way to a Jackpot, and, of course, familiar Wilds and Scatters will be your guides on your way to riches.

Luck has never been as close to you as it is now! Don’t miss it
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  • Golden symbols

    In the main game a player can choose the number of symbols that can become golden and pay more than their standard versions (the number of these symbols can be from 1 to 5). Only high symbols can be golden. The choice of more than 1 Golden symbol gives a possibility to get a jackpot round. The increase of the number of Golden symbols increases the bet.

  • Wild symbol

    Substitutes any symbol except Scatter. Can appear only on reels 2, 3, 4.

  • Coin wild

    Can appear only in case the number of Golden symbols chosen by a player is 2 or more. It acts as a usual Wild symbol, but appearing on any reels adds a coin to the progress bar. After 12 coins are collected in the progress bar every next coin can activate a jackpot round.

  • Jackpot round

    Is available only in case the number of Gold symbols chosen by a player is 2 or more. Is activated when 12 coins are collected in the progress bar. During the round, the player can get one of the available jackpots. The level of jackpots available depends on the number of chosen gold symbols: mini jackpot (2 symbols), minor jackpot (3 symbols), major jackpot (4 symbols), grand jackpot (5 symbols). 12 coins appear on the screen. A player chooses a coin, it spins around and becomes a coin of one of the available jackpots. As soon as the player gets 3 coins of one jackpot this way, he/she wins this jackpot.

  • Scatter symbol

    Can appear on any reel. Pays according to the paytable. 3+ Scatters in the main game trigger the Free Spins round.

  • Free Spins

    The round consists of 10 spins. If 3+ Scatters drop during the round the player gets 10 additional Free Spins. The maximum number of Free Spins during a round is 300. During the Free Spins round only High symbols, Scatters and Wild symbols can appear.

  • Buy Bonus

    A player can buy a Free Spins round with a particular number of Golden symbols. After buying the next spin will draw 3+ Scatters to the reels.

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