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BGaming to improve games’ loading time with a cutting edge compression algorithm

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BGaming’s software development team created an image compression algorithm that reduced the company’s game portfolio’s weight by 55% and significantly improved games loading time. This innovation can help to overcome troubles with players’ slow internet connection and VPN limitations.

The game file size reduction directly impacts the loading time, an essential customer service KPI in online casinos nowadays. BGaming’s software development team created an algorithm that allowed compression of the games’ graphics with zero or minimal quality loss. Depending on the original image size and type, the algorithm determines the accepted quality loss level and compresses the image accordingly. The script automatically compresses the images with no manual adjustments.

BGaming’s average game file size reduced from 16.4 Mb to 7.3 Mb, and the heaviest slot in the studio’s portfolio, which weighed 38 Mb, lost 51% of its size and became two times quicker to load. Now 70% of BGaming’s portfolio weighs less than 10Mb while the quality of graphics for the final user hasn’t changed or compression can’t be seen with the naked eye.

BGaming’s Front-end Lead Yury Kuvetski said: “At first glance, the automation of image compression is easy, but none of the ready-made solutions can provide optimizations without losing quality. We’ve chosen the most complicated way and developed our own algorithm to satisfy all our needs and customers’ needs. We have speeded up the loading time of all our games and will continue our work in this direction to provide players with the best possible experience.”

This technical innovation can help casino operators to overcome VPN limitations or Internet connection issues, providing smooth gameplay to players. It means growth in the number of new players, a reduced number of uncompleted and interrupted games, and higher overall engagement. 

Alexander, Game Provider Manager, N1 Partners commented: “As many operators, we also see Africa and Latin America as promising regions, thanks to their economic dynamism and enthusiasm for online gaming. However, opportunities come with a lot of challenges. For example, to join the Nigerian iGaming market, an operator needs to provide the players with lightweight content, which can be quickly loaded and run. BGaming’s portfolio is now optimized to overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality entertainment regardless of the player’s location.”

BGaming’s Algorithm of Image Compression was nominated for Industry Innovation of the Year for the SBC Awards 2022.

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