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    The ball plinks, the fortune winks!

    The ball plinks, the fortune winks!


    The game Plinko is unquestionably the one to take the thrill of: once you drop the ball – you have no control, it’s literally the luck of the draw.This simple game debuted on “The Price Is Right” in 1983, since then for a long time has been a big hit on TV, as well as at carnivals, trade shows, parties, classrooms, meetings, and all sorts of events and activities, providing instant crowd-attracting occasions for the organizers and an easy-to-play-and-win game for the players.

    We’re glad we’ve made the online version of Plinko and have included in our portfolio a little piece of an old school entertainment. All you have to do is to climb to the top of the Plinko’s board and plunk the ball, watch it fall and bounce between pegs until it lands in a slot at the bottom of the board with a surprising cash prizes! There are two things to rely on while playing Plinko: the math – the expectations of linear combinations of random variables and your luck. That’s the game’s secret, ready to give it a shot? Click the Play now!

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