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Provably fair

Bgaming is the first major iGaming provider to introduce the “provable fairness” feature. Provably fair in online gambling can be described as an algorithm which is used to analyze and verify fair play.

Bgaming algorithm is based on a cryptographic method that ensures that the outcome of the round is unaffected by player’s bet and that player cannot know the outcome before the actual gameplay.

Here is the workflow:

  • Before the game starts we calculate the game outcome called Result. For each round we generate random string called Secret just because we cannot simply show Result to user. Afterwards the data is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm and the Hash (Result + Secret) is passed to player.
  • Before the actual bet player can place the Client seed to special input. There are two options for player: using a number randomly chosen by the system or pick own number.
  • Actual game play is happening. At this point we take the the Client Seed and apply it to Result. Applying Client Seed to Result is different considering the type of game you are playing. You can find the description of each method below.
  • Once the round is completed we pass the Result + Secret and Final Result to player.

In simple words we calculate the outcome of each round before actual bet is placed and everything else happening afterwards is simply for the player to assure themselves of the game to be fair and unaffected by their bets.

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We are the first major iGaming provider to introduce the "provable fairness" feature. With the help of cryptography players can easily verify that all game results are indeed unbiased and random.

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